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I’m just another person writing about what interests me (or what I’m thinking about, if they aren’t the same thing). I’m currently unemployed by choice. I’m looking for something that I am passionate about and can contribute to in a fulfilling way. I guess you could say that I’m awakening.

The name of this blog is a tribute, of sorts, to an idea I had when I originally elected not to continue working: that I would never have to wake up to an alarm again. I thought I would discover what I was passionate about and start a company to pursue that passion, never again having to do anything on someone else’s schedule (meaning I could sleep in all the time). I’ve since come to realize that’s not the most realistic perspective. Not only would having customers mean needing to do things on their schedule, but even to be productive myself, I might need to rise earlier than my body might want to. However, being (mostly) in control of my schedule is a good goal: one worth pursuing. Hence the tribute.



1. JohnandLamora - March 2, 2011

This is a Facebook note I wrote a couple of years ago that I thought might interest you:
The Number One Social Problem
So what is the number one social problem? What is it that the world needs now? The only thing that there’s just too little of? You guessed it; love, sweet love. So let me be perfectly serious for a moment here. People take other people for granted. People are capable of being the cruelest and vilest and nastiest creatures on this planet.

The author Sherman Alexie refers to this type of cruelty as terrorism. That’s right. Terrorism. It is personal, emotional, sometimes physical, terrorism inflicted not by some other country, some other religion, people, custom… no, it is by our supposed loved ones, our friends, our family. If you don’t think this kind of terrorism exists today, read a stinking newspaper. Or consider this: how many times have you felt let down, underappreciated, worthless, stupid, ugly, useless, or a list of other undesirable feelings because of something another human being said or did or even the way they looked at you? How many times? How many? That, my friend, is the terrorism I am talking about. The kind of terrorism that dissolves hope. The kind of terrorism that flattens self worth. The kind of terrorism that builds up inside of us like unreleased bile.

At times when I notice these things going on around me and these feelings inside me I think to myself, as many of you may do the same; “what a wonderful world” (albeit sarcastically). So what is my point? The point is we suck at being nice. We have forever tried and miserably failed to follow the golden rule- “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” -We have failed, are failing, and will fail!…Or will we? That is why I am writing this note today. I had an epiphany this morning that I wish to share with the world.

How many times have you woken up on “the wrong side of the bed”? Have you ever noticed that on those “wrong side” days you tend to have the old proverbial “chip” on your shoulder? So what, you ask? So what you are ticked off, so what you are easily aggitated, so what you are… mean? Consider that. Being mean. So there it is- perhaps the source of this terrorism is simply the exponential growth of chips on the shoulder? The accumulation of days and weeks of getting up on the wrong side?

Now that we know why we are terrorists, lets delve deeper. Why do you suppose we wake up in a bad mood? Why on earth would someone who has just rested for hours on end feel angry or feel upset? I propose to you my epiphany, my solution- It is the alarm clock. I AM DECLARING A WAR ON TERRORISM! and what is the dreaded source? the secret weapons of mass destruction? The alarm clock. The silly, jingling, happy, little, unassuming alarm clock that sits contently at the side of your bed. You may think I am joking.But oh no, you are assuming incorrectly. To prove my point I wish to now share my list (that I have been stewing over all morning) of evils that emanate from the alarm clock and both directly and indirectly causes grumpiness, and therefore- terrorism.

Sleep inertia No, I am not making this up, it is an actual condition in which the victim suffers from loss of motor dexterity and increased grogginess due from waking abruptly.

The interruption of dreams If there is one thing I am severely in love with and adamant about is the importance of dreams- not only are they the single most expressive uninhibited form of art I know of, they unlock secrets- secrets that are hidden in secret places that are so secret no one knows they are there- I am talking about the pockets of subconscious- the contents of the inner linings to the suitcases that are our brains. And when do the most vivid, most telling, most memorable dreams come? At the end of the last R.E.M. cycle- usually right as the alarm goes cackling off.

Alarm clocks are the manifestation of our lack of faith in ourselves to do a simple task- waking up.

Roosters are out of work. Okay, maybe not, but I think we would be a happier people if we slept and woke according to our own “inner clock” which is set to some mystic power or biorhythms of the earth. Am I a hippie? Perhaps.

In the confused state the jingling and jangling leave us in, we make poor breakfast choices , thus; less brain power to be nice.

Desensitizes us against warning bells. In a recent study (conducted by a couple of geniuses- Alex and Taz) a fire alarm was not enough to wake me. I needed a crazed, screaming person to do the job.What if there had been a real fire and no crazed brother? Let’s ponder that for a moment. Uh-huh, I would have been DEAD, or severely burned, and that does not make for a very happy day.

A wonderful reminder As we wake to the clattery, chaotic, incessant beeping we are reminded yet again of how cruel and unrelentless the world we live in can be.

The snooze button is the very epitamy of evil. It gives a false sense of victory only to smother us again with its wild nefarious attacks nine minutes later.

So let this be your wake up call. Help me in this war against terrorism. Let us, together, destroy these weapons of mass destruction. Let us sleep so we can love.

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